Lawsuit over teaching about gender identity has effects in Florida schools

Title: "Lawsuit over teaching about gender identity has effects in Florida schools"

Author: Jeffrey S. Solochek

Source: Tampa Bay Times

The big story: Florida’s new “parental rights in education” rules have caused a stir since from the moment they were first proposed.

Now that Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed them into law, the fight is taking on a different dimension. The courts are being asked to decide whether the measure meets legal muster

One of the groups suing is the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

“We challenged this ‘don’t say LGBTQ’ law because it’s discriminatory; it’s as bad as we think it is,” executive director Imani Rupert-Gordon told the Washington Post. “This very intentionally vague law will shame and stigmatize not only LGBTQ students but students with LGBTQ parents and family members, as well as any student that rightfully believes and understands that LGBTQ people are valued members of society.”

The case could drag on for a long time, the News Service of Florida reports.

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