Florida’s Education Dept. rejects 54 school textbooks for ‘prohibited topics’

Title: "Florida’s Education Dept. rejects 54 school textbooks for ‘prohibited topics’"

Author: Joe McLean

Source: News4JAX

In its review of 132 math textbooks that were submitted for consideration, the Florida Department of Education rejected 54, claiming they contain ‘prohibited topics’ such as critical race theory, social-emotional learning and Common Core frameworks.

Late Monday afternoon, News4JAX obtained the list of banned books. The Florida Department of Education also provided this list of approved books.

The DeSantis administration did not originally release the list of the books that were submitted, but News4JAX filed a public records request to obtain that information, and got it.

Though it did not cite specific examples, the FDOE said in a press release on Friday that 28 textbooks were rejected because they “incorporated prohibited or unsolicited strategies, including CRT,” 12 were rejected “because they do not properly align to B.E.S.T. standards,” and 14 more were rejected for both of the aforementioned reasons.

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